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There are many seniors today that struggle with Alzheimer’s disease and finding a proper way to manage the disease. Namenda is one example of a treatment that is currently used to help treat the effects and symptoms of Alzheimer’s making life more manageable for those suffering from the disease. Alzheimer’s is a leading degenerative brain disease that typically affects seniors in later stages of life. There are some cases where patients can begin to show symptoms during the late 40’s and early 50’s, but typical progression takes place during the latest stages of life. Namenda helps to alleviate these symptoms and create a more balanced lifestyle for seniors that still wish to remain independent and capable of daily living tasks.

What is Namenda?
Namenda is a prescribed medication, also known as Memantine, used to treat symptoms of Alzheimer’s. The drug is in the class of NMDA receptor antagonist drugs, and decreases the level of abnormal brain activity, allowing easier completion of daily tasks and clearer thinking. Namenda should not be used in hopes of a cure, as it is only a treatment that inhibits the symptoms found with the disease.

Proper Use of Namenda
Use of the medication is by oral consumption of a tablet one or two times daily. If a dose is missed, doubling the next dose could be dangerous. Taking the dose missed should be as soon as it is remembered, or it should be skipped if too close to the next dose. When prescribed the medication, there are doctor instructions on taking it properly, which should be followed exactly with no skipping or increasing your dosage without doctor approval.

Side Effects
Namenda does have some side effects that should be reported to a physician if they continue to get worse or do not subside. Side effects can include:
• Dizziness
• Confusion
• Extreme fatigue
• Vomiting and nausea
• Constipation
• Pain in the body and lower back

If you experience shortness of breath or hallucinations during use of the medication, use should be discontinued immediately and emergency assistance should be obtained to ensure safety during use. These are the more serious side effects that are not normal and could signify a greater issue.

Using Namenda offers those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease a new outlook on life and a new hold on their own capabilities. The medication helps to decrease the symptoms, but will not stop the progression of the disease and should not be treated as a cure.

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